Dear Republican Friends

I have been trying my best to have an open mind when it comes to politics and worldviews. I try to understand and question my biases so I can feel confident that my opinions and beliefs are informed ones. I consider my political orientation Left/Progressive. I don’t agree with all Democrat policy. I think most politicians, regardless of party, are inept and care more about preserving power and their jobs than they do legislating. But I do believe that the government can be a remarkably effective tool to make Progress and help people.

As part of my quest to have a more comprehensive and empathetic understanding of people's political inclinations, I follow a lot of Republicans that I think are very intelligent and successful people. I try to learn about what is most important to them, politically speaking. The common denominator seems to be fiscal policy.

I understand that people don’t like taxes.

I understand that people don’t like it when the government spends lots of money.

I understand why people think the federal government is bloated and ineffective.

I understand why people don’t like their business regulated.

I understand why people are vocal about these issues. But I do not understand your silence when children are regularly massacred in schools in this country. It’s a preventable epidemic and it does not happen anywhere else. And like it or not, this is a political issue.

Is this not your line? And if it isn’t, do you have one? When is enough enough?

Asking for my children and yours.

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