90% Of the Way to Mars

The first conversation I hosted with Keith Rabois and Frank Rotman received such positive feedback that we decided to do a back-to-back follow-on (see what I did there?).

Frank and Keith cover a lot of ground in this one, and there are plenty of topics that I think are particularly relevant to anyone who participates in the VC / entrepreneur ecosystem. I continue to learn from these two and have already found myself referencing their knowledge in my day-to-day conversations.

Give it a listen if you want to know what they think about:

  • How the future of the VC industry will play out

  • Banks entering the M&A landscape and the implications for investors and entrepreneurs

  • How investors reference for their portfolio companies that are "middle of the pack" during diligence

  • Why "Oh Shit!" board meetings are becoming more commonplace

  • The unbundling of capital and advice and how to win as a VC

  • And a lot more!

While the last conversation stuck to one theme (i.e. the valuation environment and its driving factors), we weaved around a lot of different areas that I think most investors and entrepreneurs will appreciate.


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